Caring for

Balance is key.
We see sustainability as a responsibility we hold to the natural environment, and its inhabitants. Here's how we stay true to our word.

  • Sustainability
  • Marine Biology

Caring for

Love & Support

We adopt sustainable practices that maximise our relationship with the community, while minimising negative impact on the environment. Alongside careful waste management, we incentivise social responsibility in-house and will progressively expand on larger efforts to support the local ecosystem.

Ocean Watch

We safeguard the values of our marine biology program via numerous educational avenues - via kids' club programmes, in-house marine biologists, a turtle rehabilitation and coral regeneration programmes.

Caring for

An entire island has been dedicated to our most important resource - our people. With the aim of creating a sustainable and successful workplace that fosters a sense of belonging and community, the Fari Campus features both communal and private spaces to facilitate individual wellbeing, as well as upskilling programs for better professional advancement opportunities.

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