Be entwined
in the Fari way
of life

Unrivalled experiences to eternalise your island escape. Connect with a coterie of traveller, show gratitude to Mother Earth and get in touch with your inner child through the ensemble of activities and happenings on the island.

Fari Activities

From energising water sports to transcending musical immersions, discover the depth of things to do on the atoll.

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Fari Gourmet

Wine and dine to a spectrum of cuisines, with 17 restaurants to pamper your palate at.

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Fari Music

Feel-good tracks serving wanderlust. Tune in to the sounds of the Fari Marina Village for a sensory escape.

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Fari Retail

In sync with the rhythm of our guests and their discerning minds, explore a selection of items that can be purchased anywhere on Fari Islands.

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