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An oasis of communal experiences

From indulgent gastronomic experiences to organic plant-based dining; idling within a salon of thinkers to discourse with visiting artists, social experiences at Fari Islands range from the familiar to the challenging - but always an engaging experience.

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The Cult of Creation

James Turrell once said, "Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself a revelation". As much as light is important to Turrell, art is Fari Island's main vehicle of revelation to the world and all its nuances, most prominently anchored with a installation by Turrell himself. Supported by a permanent gallery and visiting artists, there is no shortage of creative capital on Fari Islands.

Unexpected discoveries

Pass the languid days of island life with strolls along the sundrenched boardwalk to the vibrant Fari Marina Village. Explore retail options that offer the best in summer beachwear, or dock at our marina which offers world-class services, while you imbibe bespoke cocktails and house tunes from our inimitable Fari Beach Club.

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Devoted to Preserving Maldives

We pay homage to biodiversity in all its forms. With the onset of global warming and the bleaching of reefs, the very things we celebrate in the Maldives are under threat. We at Fari Islands believe that the biggest change comes with education and awareness.

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